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High Frequency 130W WEP 948D Electric Suction Tin/gun To Tin


1Adopts PID programmable temperature control technology with an implantable highest-precision PID program for high-speed tracking and detection of actual desoldering gun and soldering iron temperatures with real-time temperature correction. Miraculous temperature compensation speeds allow for minimal temperature error for temperature stability and compensation speeds vastly superior to similar products.

2Equipped with a suction pen to help remove IC.

3Anti-static design prevents electrostatic component damage or leakage.

4Adopts an isolation transformer for power supply to heating elements and automatic shutoff functionality when the high-frequency soldering iron handle or desoldering gun handle is removed for safety and reliability.

5、Portable built-in vacuum with strong suction does away with external vacuum systems.

6、 This device has the following user-friendly design features:

A、Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature display:

Designed to meet the market needs of different regions, the temperature display function can be set to display either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on local practices.


B、Sleep function:

Soldering iron automatic detection of their work status are not in use in a quiescent state, arriving to set the sleep time, the temperature of the iron automatically lower the temperature to 200 ° C enter into sleep state, can effectively prevent the oxidation of iron head and prolong the iron tip service life, energy saving and environmental protection. The sleep time can be set range: 1 to 99 minutes in 1 minute steps, users can be set based on usage, if you do not need a soldering iron sleep ,the sleep time is set to - - -.

Wake/Sleep Mode:

a. Shake soldering handle up and down several times or flick the red switch on the suction gun once.

b. Press any one button.

c. Turn the power switch on and off.


C、Automatic shutdown function:

After machine enter into sleep state, start the timer program, set the shutdown time did not wake up from sleep, automatic shutdown, energy saving and environmental protection. Auto power off time setting range: 1 to 99 minutes in 1 minute stepsIf you do not need a auto shutdown function ,the power off time is set to - - -.


DPassword Feature:

A password must be given to enter the function parameter settings. Function parameters can only be changed after the correct password has been entered, thus preventing operator changes and any impact on operational efficiency.

EDigital Temperature Correction Feature:

Suitable for temperature deviations between actual temperatures and displayed temperatures due to environmental conditions or the replacement of heating cores, iron tops, or other parts which can be corrected with this feature.

7With a unique tin suction nozzle and heating pipe design, solder can be inhaled through filters in a molten state without the need for regular maintenance, thereby delivering greater efficiency.

8Adopts silicone heat-resistant tubing to prevent heat generation and contact damage.

9、The double-sided internal SMT manufacturing process boasts clean craftsmanship. The signal flow is clear, and the machine is both stable and safe, further improving its performance and adaptability to various harsh environments.




Model:WEP 948D

Input  Voltage : AC 220V±10% 50HZ\( 110V±10% 50HZ)

Power: Sunction gun :130W High frquency  

Temperature Range:200°C-480°C

Display method :LED digital

Heating elemnt vlotage :AC 36V ±10% f=380KHz

Desoldering pump power:12W

Vacuum Pressure:Max .50Kpa(375mmHg)

Weight :5.7kg/pcs


Tip of ground impedance <2ohm
Tip of ground voltage <2mV
Operating Temperature :0°C~40°C/32°F~104°F
Storage Temperature:-20°C-4-80°C/-4°F~-176°F


Storage Humidity:35%~45%

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