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WEP hot sale soldering station 936B

Product Features

1. Comfortable portable handheld and temperature control rotation
2. This product is ESD-protected.

3. High-quality resistance good for long service life

4. Microcomputer control,warming-up quickly.

5. Intelligent system that could alarm , Fault detection automatically.

6. Soldering iron holder use Aluminium  alloy holder ,high quality ,the foot of holder has foam,when you use it work,it will not move.

7. This unit the out look housing has nice designed and  the transformer is big and good,so function is very  good.

Product  Parameters

Power consumption


 Soldering Iron Temperature range


 Soldering Iron type

Black handle

Soldering Iron heater material

High-quality heater

Standard configuration:

Main unit  1pc       

Iron handle   1pc            

Power cord   1pc

Manual   1pc

Packaging information:

Inner box size:36*17*11.5cm

Goods weight :2kg/pcs


Outer  carton weight:22.5kg/CTN

Outer carton size:65*37*36cm


Suitable for soldering SMD elements, integrated chips with multiple pins and circuit boards and widely applicable to production lines for electronic products, laboratories, schools, mobile phone maintenance industry, household appliance maintenance department, etc.

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