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Patent Rights Notice

Dear customers and friends from all walks of life:

Thank you for your love and support for GuangZhou YiHua Electronic Equipment Co.Ltd!


Recently, our Company found out that some unscrupulous manufacturer counterfeits our product and infringes the patent related thereto (State Intellectual Property Patent No.: ZL 2011 3 0016050.6), resulting in adverse effects on the Company’s market and its dealers and customers.


The illegal product is as shown below:

In response to this illegal product and the manufacturer concerned, our Company has taken legal action nationwide, won the case, and obtained legal support. Major Internet platforms such as exporter.Alibaba, ,, and Taobao have penalized the shops involved in the sale of this illegal product (total of 26 shops and 85 links) as well as the violating manufacturer. All have already been properly dealt with.


Results of the complaint are as follows:




Our Company’s action to protect our patent rights only covers the abovementioned illegal product and its manufacturer. If a dealer has unknowingly distributed such product and has been subjected to a complaint, please contact us immediately. We shall conduct the relevant case withdrawal process after proper verification so as not to let the innocent dealer suffer consequential damages.


Our Company has always been advocating the "legitimate business and fair competition" concept, complying with state laws and regulations, respecting intellectual property rights, and using quality to give back to the market. We would like to work together with our friends from all walks of life and consumers to maintain a good, orderly, and healthy market environment.                                                              


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                                                                                       25th July 2016

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